L.e.a.f. Home Renovations LLC

L.e.a.f Home Renovations is a residential remodeling company specializing in energy efficiency and sustainable renovations, as well as home entertainment and home theater projects. From bamboo flooring to LED lighting, we make your home a better place.

We started operation in 1983 with a focus on home entertainment. Since we started, the home entertainment industry has gone through several revolutions, and this has made it an exciting sector to be involved in. More recently, L.e.a.f. - which stands for Lifestyle - Energy - Affordable - Function, has increased its focus on sustainable practices, helping make Phoenix homes and living easier on the environment, and your budget.

15007 South 17th Place
Phoenix AZ 85048

Phone: (602) 430-7070

Construction and Remodeling Services Offered: residential renovation, sustainable construction, home energy efficiency, home theater