Phoenix Remodeling Services

Phoenix Remodeling offers a multitude of services. These are just a few of the services we offer; design consultation, specifying materials, architectural services, including the permit process and scheduling at the construction phase. Brad Christensen, owner of BC Renovations, supervises the renovation process so you don’t have to.

Design Consultation

The owners of Phoenix Remodeling meet to discuss your scope of work. They research what requirements and costs will be involved in your renovation. If you are comfortable with the price range, and wish to move forward with your renovation, the next step is the Project Analysis. This is an in depth evaluation of your renovation that results in an accurate estimate of your scope of work and formalizing the design. A fee is required to begin the Project Analysis. The cost of this fee is based individually depending on the size of the project and amount of time the analysis will take. This fee is applied toward your fixed contract price.

Project Analysis

During this phase you and Christine work together to fine tune the scope of work. The requirements of your project determine whether or not floor plans and elevations are needed, construction documents, and or color renderings. Quotes and other pricing are gathered and then presented to you in a fixed price contract. You meet with both Christine and Brad to review the Contract, which contains a detailed Scope of Work and Renovation Agreement. At this time any necessary revisions are made.

Contract Phase

The scope of work is put to action in this phase. A timeline is created so you will be up to date with the work scheduled. Brad and Christine are careful to communicate and educate you on what work is being done and when. Regular site meetings are scheduled with you and meeting minutes documented and copied to Home Owner.

Final Punch

Final punch lists of items are created when the job is about 95% complete. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with the work we have done. We walk the job with you going over any questions you may have and make sure those items are completed in a timely manner.